Round 1 Draw Updated + Full 2019/20 Draw now available
Date of Event Nepean District Cricket Association: Fri Sep 6, 2019 9:53PM

There has been another change to the Round 1 draw. As well as moving 7th Grade from Sunday to Saturday to avoid a venue clash, a team has withdrawn from 5th Grade while another team has been added to 9th Grade. The 4th Grade match at Gow Park has also been moved to Ridge Park to accommodate a soccer presentation.


We thank Penrith RSL who have moved their sides up a grade each to avoid a bye in 5th Grade but there will be a bye in 9th Grade now as there are 7 teams.


The updated draw for round 1 can be found here.


The full competition draw is also available here and will be uploaded to MyCricket over the next week prior to round 1 matches.


A reminder that all Round 1 matches are 2 day games with the hours of play being 1.00pm - 5.30pm. Remember that you can nominate 12 players to play in 2 day games as outlined at the Delegates Meeting. For those who weren't in attendance, please see the specific rule below. The final version of the 2019/20 Rules as well as the full competition draw will be released next week.



3.10 This rule only applies where a team does not have the same 11 players available for both days of a two-day match.


(a)    Each senior team will be eligible to nominate up to 12 players for all two-day games throughout the season.


(b)    Prior to the coin toss, the captains will exchange a team nomination form. The nomination form may nominate up to 12 players with the 11th and 12th player being named on the last line together, separated by a forward slash (see example below);


11.          Full Player Name A / Full Player Name B    


(c)     In the example above, Player A will participate on the first day of the two-day match and Player B will participate on the second day of the two-day match.


(d)    In the event that a player nominated to play the first day is in bat at the close of play on the first day, the player will be regarded as having been dismissed at the close of play on the first day. A player who, in week 2, is replacing a player who has batted in week 1 cannot bat in the same innings.


(e)     In the event that a nominated player has bowled an uncompleted over at the close of play on the first day, another player that has been nominated as one of the 11 players on the second day will be permitted to complete the over at the commencement of play on the second day.


(f)      There will not be any circumstances where a player nominated to participate on day 1 will participate on day 2 other than as a substitute fielder and there will not be any circumstances where a player nominated to participate on day 2 will participate on day 1 other than as a substitute fielder. i.e. those players may not bat, bowl or keep wickets.


(g)    A player nominated on the team sheet to participate on any given day of a 2-day match will not be permitted to participate in any other match in any other grade within the NDCA competition.


(h)    This rule does not apply to semi-finals or finals.


Last updated: Thursday September 12, 2019 2:26PM
Author: Jim Micsko