Updated PDF Copy of Draw
Date of Event : Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:20PM

Version 1.5 of the draw is attached here FYI. Further changes to account for Glenbrook Blaxland withdrawing from the 2nd Grade competition. 2nd Grade is now effectively a turf wicket competition only with no reserve grounds (same as 1st Grade).


Round 13 Saturday 16 Dec - 2nd Grade

Cranebrook vs St Clair Hawks moved to Lomatia Park


Round 14 Sun 7 Jan - 5th Grade

Glenbrook Blaxland vs. Glenmore Park moved to Darcy Smith (Jamison 4 Reserve Ground).


Round 17 Sun 28 Jan - 4th Grade

Cranebrook vs. Glenbrook Blaxland moved to Shaw Park (no reserve grounds for the full round).


Round 18 Sat 3 Feb - 2nd Grade

St Clair Hawks vs Cranebrook moved to Darcy Smith


Round 19 Sat 10 Feb - 2nd Grade

Glenmore Park vs Panthers moved to Darcy Smith


Round 20 Sun 18 Feb - 4th Grade

Cranebrook vs. Emu Plains moved to Dukes Oval (Parker 1 Reserve Ground).

Last updated: Tuesday November 21, 2017 12:30PM
Author: Jim Micsko