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Batting Partnerships

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1150 Brenton mcfadgean - Neil De Castro St Clair Hawks Cricket Club1st Grade4 1 Western Sydney Stallions
2164 Philip Jeffery - Peter Smith Glenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club9th Grade13 1 Glenmore Park
3238 Stephen Wills - Joshua Jeffries Cranebrook Cricket Club7th Grade12 1 Glenmore Park
4133 nathan duguid - Ashlyn Govender St Marys Leagues Cricket Club7th Grade17 1 Colyton St Clair
5186 Patrick Anderson - Chris Longhurst Emu Plains Cricket Club5th Grade10 1 Cranebrook
6129 Joshua Champness - Munish Kapoor Glenmore Park Cricket Club9th Grade16 1 Penrith RSL
790 Jake Brown - Greg Yates Panthers Cricket Club2nd Grade9 1 Glenmore Park
893 Hashan Mudonkothge - Sathyan Chandrasekhar St Clair United Sports Club6th Grade15 1 St Clair Hawks
9172 Jonathan Payne - Lincoln Hartley St Clair Hawks Cricket Club7th Grade8 1 Glenmore Park
10161 Jonathan Payne - Lincoln Hartley St Clair Hawks Cricket Club7th Grade12 1 Glenbrook Blaxland

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