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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1749129791554678394615274*Dean T WatkinsSpringwood2021/20221st Grade7 1Emu Plains
26510515391553934394612965James LennoxGlenmore Park2021/20221st Grade1 1Emu Plains
364164710015527000394613364Dhinash Kumaar ArunachalamPhoenix Sports Club2021/20221st Grade2 1Emu Plains
464692558155619394613764*Matthew CromieEmu Plains2021/20221st Grade3 1GenX Sports Club
5561210111554451394615856*Jake CarrollPanthers2021/20221st Grade8 1Phoenix Sports Club
6541822391554451394614554James YatesPanthers2021/20221st Grade5 1Emu Plains
75314290181553934394614653Joel LennonGlenmore Park2021/20221st Grade5 1GenX Sports Club
8531822391554451394613853James YatesPanthers2021/20221st Grade3 1Werrington Roos
9531822391554451394613453*James YatesPanthers2021/20221st Grade2 1GenX Sports Club
105270426115527000394615852*Bagath SinghPhoenix Sports Club2021/20221st Grade8 1Panthers
1151164710015527000394615451Dhinash Kumaar ArunachalamPhoenix Sports Club2021/20221st Grade7 1Werrington Roos
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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