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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
185106208615327000350513785Bhushan RelePhoenix Sports Club2020/20211st Grade12 1Springwood
2721359011534678350512272Rydall GovenderSpringwood2020/20211st Grade7 1Phoenix Sports Club
3716712821534451350513871*Reesen PillaiPanthers2020/20211st Grade12 1Glenmore Park
46510268581534451350513865Asif KhanPanthers2020/20211st Grade12 1Glenmore Park
5649129791534678350512864Dean T WatkinsSpringwood2020/20211st Grade9 1Jordan Springs
664148208515327000350513064*Nithin CherianPhoenix Sports Club2020/20211st Grade9 1Glenmore Park
7621439041534451350515962*Clint LivesleyPanthers2020/20211st Grade19 1Emu Plains
858164687915331200350512658Inderjeet SinghJordan Springs2020/20211st Grade8 1Panthers
952206044915331200350514152Bhavil RathodJordan Springs2020/20211st Grade13 1Panthers
1051172560415331200359475151Vikas AwanaJordan Springs2020/20211st Grade1 1Glenmore Park
11501359011534678350512550*Rydall GovenderSpringwood2020/20211st Grade8 1Glenmore Park
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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