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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClub2nd Grade1st Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade9th Grade2nd Grade1st Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade9th Grade
Abboud, GeorgeCranebrook Cricket Club00000013000000001300
Abeykoon, Amila GJordan Springs Cricket Club11000000001100000000
Aggar, MatthewSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000040000000040000
Ahmad, LuqmanWestern Sydney Stallions01100000000110000000
AHMAD, MOHAMMADWestern Sydney Stallions060000000060000000
Ahmad, TasleemWestern Sydney Stallions050000000050000000
Ahmed Khan, ZuhairWestern Sydney Stallions01200000000120000000
Ahmed, Atta-ul QWestern Sydney Stallions01200000000120000000
Ahmed, HamedWestern Sydney Stallions01200000000120000000
Ahmed, MubasherWestern Sydney Stallions090000000090000000
Ahmed, WajeehWestern Sydney Stallions030000000030000000
Ahmed, WaqasWestern Sydney Stallions020000000020000000
Alewood, BrockEmu Plains Cricket Club000050000000050000
Ali, AsadMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club00000000110000000011
Ali, MinhajMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club00000000150000000015
Allen, BlakeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00000000110000000011
Allen, JoeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00000000110000000011
Almeida, RonaldSt Clair United Sports Club000000800000000800
Alves-Jones, OliverSpringwood Cricket Club00100013000010001300
Ams, PatrickPenrith RSL Cricket Club00000010200000001020
Anderson, PatrickEmu Plains Cricket Club01703000000170300000
Ansari, JazibColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000040000000040000
Apap, RonPanthers Cricket Club00000200130000020013
Archer, RyanPanthers Cricket Club000000002000000002
Ardle, LeslieSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club00100011000010001100
Ardle, PeterSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club00000015000000001500
Arnott-Webb, AshtonPanthers Cricket Club000005000000005000
Astill, BradCranebrook Cricket Club000010070000010070
Astill, LeoCranebrook Cricket Club000010090000010090
Atkins, KyleSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club00000190000000019000
Atkinson, DarrylJordan Springs Cricket Club900000000900000000
Atkinson, ScottSpringwood Cricket Club00000016000000001600
Aumann, PhilllipPanthers Cricket Club000008000000008000
Austin, PeterSpringwood Cricket Club00000013000000001300
AUSTIN, WAYNEPanthers Cricket Club000000004000000004
Baker, BenPenrith RSL Cricket Club00001400400000140040
Baker, DavidPanthers Cricket Club00000000120000000012
Baker, KallanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000090000000090000
Balov, BenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club090000000090000000
Bannister, BenColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club00001600000000160000
Barbaro, AngeEmu Plains Cricket Club00171000000017100000
Barbaro, SamEmu Plains Cricket Club00190000000019000000
Barbaschow, KieranSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00000000130000000013
Barber, DeanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club00001900000000190000
Barber, RobertGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club00001100020000110002
Barlow, DylanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club00014000000001400000
Barlow, GlenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000500000000500000
Barrett, DarrenPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000510000000510
Barron, DeanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000000200000000200
Barron, ToddSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000000900000000900