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Matches Played

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2nd Grade
1st Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
1 Micsko, JimEmu Plains Cricket Club0019000000
2 Roser, MarkEmu Plains Cricket Club0117000000
3 Bernard, Graham rPanthers Cricket Club0001000020
4 Knight, PaulEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000130
5 Laffan, Matthew DPanthers Cricket Club0000001500
6 Dalton, RobertGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000017000
7 Junge, SeanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000017000
8 Hill, JosephSpringwood Cricket Club100000000
9 Raymond, Matthew MGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000150100
10 Doran, GavinSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001100000
11 Sloane, JackSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club100000000
12 Benson, DeanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club020000000
13 Lappen, Jeremy PSt Clair United Sports Club0000017000
14 Warbrick, AndrewSt Clair United Sports Club0000019000
15 Warbrick, MatthewSt Clair United Sports Club0000015000
16 de Zilwa, Malcolm BSt Clair United Sports Club000002000
17 Zeall, AaronNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000500
18 Jackson, GlennNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000400
19 Siriwardena, MangalaSt Clair United Sports Club0000012000
20 Masters, BradCranebrook Cricket Club0000017000
21 Felsch, EmmaColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000020
22 de Kretser, HarrisSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0012000000
23 Mulholland, EthanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000013
24 Pervushin, JeremySt Marys Leagues Cricket Club1010001000
25 Hinkley, ChristopherEmu Plains Cricket Club010000050
26 Johnson, CameronGlenmore Park Cricket Club0101000000
27 McGovern, BenjaminPanthers Cricket Club0200001800
28 Heath, IsaacGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1012000000
29 Goodwin, JoelSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010000000
30 Donlan, RileySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0014000000
31 Naiker, DanePanthers Cricket Club0130000000
32 Casey, JarrodSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0015000000
33 Hunt, MatthewSpringwood Cricket Club100000000
34 Rogers, DouglasSpringwood Cricket Club670000000
35 Summerfield-Ryan, OliverSpringwood Cricket Club0110000000
36 Krasny, DylanSpringwood Cricket Club500000000
37 Filmer, ScottSpringwood Cricket Club1110000000
38 Rizzo, ZacharySpringwood Cricket Club010000000
39 Brett, RickyJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000016000
40 Hanney, BrendanJamison Hotel Cricket Club000003000
41 Herring, NicholasCranebrook Cricket Club041010000
42 Downward, CalebGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1014000000
43 Morgan, TomGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0015010000
44 Coulshed, NicholasGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000005
45 Mills, MarkSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0110140000
46 Downward, ZacharyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1016010000
47 Heggie, LawrenceGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000100
48 de Mattia, JamesGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010140000
49 Loudoun, GregoryPenrith RSL Cricket Club000016000
50 Mather, GregColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000150
51 Felsch, BruceColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000090
52 Jeffery, MarkGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001700
53 Jeffery, PhilipGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001800
54 Jenns, CraigGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000150000
55 Martin, JasonGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1002010000
56 Milton, ShaneGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000160000
57 Lambert, MichaelEmu Plains Cricket Club1031500000
58 Parry, DavidPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000012
59 Carr, NathanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000130
60 Crew, PeterGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000170
61 Holdsworth, DanielGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000190
62 Minton, RichardGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000201201
63 Murphy, ByronGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000130
64 Christian, PaulGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000060
65 Smith, PeterGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001610
66 Lopez, Michael ESt Clair Hawks Cricket Club3120000000
67 Thomas, MarkPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000009
68 DeCelis, MatthewEmu Plains Cricket Club000000090
69 Smith, DanielGlenmore Park Cricket Club0017000000
70 Mohan, SriramSt Clair United Sports Club000001000
71 Colgate, BenjaminGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001501000
72 Dingemans, BeauPanthers Cricket Club000000800
73 Smith, CameronPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000013000
74 Govender, AshlynSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001300000
75 Wilson, BraydenPanthers Cricket Club0000001300
76 Weir, JustinGlenmore Park Cricket Club0011600000
77 Pope, MartinPanthers Cricket Club000000900
78 Pope, PatrickPanthers Cricket Club000000100
79 Jordan, JamesGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000170000
80 Keeley, MatthewGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010170000
81 D'Lima, KevinGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000140000
82 Simmons, LukeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000150000
83 Mullen, AlexEmu Plains Cricket Club1611000000
84 Lustri, JoeyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0019000000
85 Evans, TomGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000150000
86 D'Agostino, RobertGlenmore Park Cricket Club000001000
87 Churchill, MatthewGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000014
88 Rogers, MatthewSpringwood Cricket Club000000500
89 Griffiths, CraigJamison Hotel Cricket Club000003000
90 Jorgensen, TerryJamison Hotel Cricket Club000002000
91 Phillips, CraigJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000011000
92 Boyce, TimothyEmu Plains Cricket Club0116000000
93 Stocks, DavidJamison Hotel Cricket Club000002000
94 Thapa, Shardul -Penrith RSL Cricket Club000050000
95 Day, JakeCranebrook Cricket Club030000000
96 Morley, RyanEmu Plains Cricket Club000000050
97 Quirk, KaynePanthers Cricket Club000000900
98 Johnston, JasonPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000010000
99 Bowman, JamesPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000010000
100 Irvine, Samuel GPanthers Cricket Club040100000
101 Sherwood, SeanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001200000
102 Carroll, JakeCranebrook Cricket Club0120000000
103 Churchward, MichaelCranebrook Cricket Club0017000000
104 Nichols, AaronGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000017000
105 Tomkins, GrahamCranebrook Cricket Club0010140000
106 Pagett, BenjaminSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club006000000
107 Findley, CameronSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000000003
108 Kezik, Luke ACranebrook Cricket Club030070000
109 Peacock, BenSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001100000
110 Bugg, Matthew WCranebrook Cricket Club0133000000
111 Stevens, DeanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000800000
112 Bugg, Andrew SEmu Plains Cricket Club1613000000
113 Rylewski, JakeCranebrook Cricket Club0000012001
114 Nesbitt, JoshCranebrook Cricket Club0000130000
115 Camilleri, StevenCranebrook Cricket Club090000000
116 Tomkins, GuyCranebrook Cricket Club0320140130
117 English, NathanielPenrith RSL Cricket Club000002000
118 Rowley, NathanPanthers Cricket Club000000100
119 Barbaro, AngeEmu Plains Cricket Club2115000000
120 Kolodynski, JoeEmu Plains Cricket Club0000120010
121 Patten, JustinGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club300000000
122 Patten, ShaneGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club100000000
123 Curle, MitchellSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club300000000
124 O'Grady, JoshuaSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club5013000000
125 Barbaro, SamEmu Plains Cricket Club0013000000
126 Stanowski, LukeEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
127 Lennon, JohnEmu Plains Cricket Club002000000
128 Longhurst, ChrisEmu Plains Cricket Club0200150000
129 Anderson, PatrickEmu Plains Cricket Club0150130000
130 Williams, AndrewEmu Plains Cricket Club1500000000
131 Luzzi, AndrewEmu Plains Cricket Club0000120000
132 Tonks, AnthonyEmu Plains Cricket Club0016100000
133 Tonks, ChrisEmu Plains Cricket Club0111000000
134 Bottrill, GregEmu Plains Cricket Club0101500050
135 Sultana, JakePanthers Cricket Club000000400
136 Wood, JamesEmu Plains Cricket Club0001100000
137 Romer, MartinEmu Plains Cricket Club0120000000
138 Bowerman, MartinEmu Plains Cricket Club003000000
139 Gibson, PeterEmu Plains Cricket Club000080000
140 Filmer, BradleySpringwood Cricket Club0130000000
141 Thomas, AdamSpringwood Cricket Club1220000000
142 Williams, DavidSpringwood Cricket Club100000900
143 Wells, ScottSpringwood Cricket Club1410000000
144 Crouch, PeterSpringwood Cricket Club840000000
145 Hopkins, KynanSpringwood Cricket Club0000002013
146 Edwards, JayGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club101000000
147 Alewood, BrockEmu Plains Cricket Club011050010
148 Fitzpatrick, LukeEmu Plains Cricket Club000280000
149 Lees, DavidGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001800
150 Romer, TomEmu Plains Cricket Club010000000
151 Ryan, JohnEmu Plains Cricket Club000010000
152 Todd, MichaelEmu Plains Cricket Club000150000
153 Jobling, RobertCranebrook Cricket Club0000000119
154 Power, TroySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000020000
155 McKechnie, AlanCranebrook Cricket Club0000000019
156 D'Agostino, AdrianGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000018000
157 Hunt, RodGlenmore Park Cricket Club004000000
158 Clague, MichaelGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000016000
159 Bennett, JasonGlenmore Park Cricket Club0120000000
160 Rowe, ColinGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001001400
161 Carter, BenGlenmore Park Cricket Club050000000
162 Kells, JohnSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000100000
163 Kells, CraigSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0121200000
164 Kells, JasonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000600000
165 O'Kelly, ToddGlenmore Park Cricket Club060000000
166 D'Lima, BrianGlenmore Park Cricket Club000010000
167 Blue, HadleyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0114000000
168 Jones, AllanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001300
169 Hofmeier, BradleyCranebrook Cricket Club0115000000
170 Carter, HeathPanthers Cricket Club000300000
171 Wilson, DanielGlenmore Park Cricket Club0013003000
172 de Kretser, DarrenSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club005000000
173 Murphy, LukeEmu Plains Cricket Club002000000
174 Willmington, DavidPanthers Cricket Club0101700000
175 Steffen, Edwin BPanthers Cricket Club0001800000
176 Hunt, NathanSpringwood Cricket Club1300000000
177 Barlow, GlenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001200000
178 Dunn, GarryCranebrook Cricket Club0000021000
179 Govender, RydallSpringwood Cricket Club0140000000
180 Mearns, MatthewJamison Hotel Cricket Club000004000
181 Manuel, ChrisPanthers Cricket Club000000200
182 Pelle, MichaelGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000016000
183 Kay, ChrisSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000017000
184 Willmington, GlennPanthers Cricket Club0001000170
185 Cowan, LukePanthers Cricket Club000300000
186 Powter, DarrenPanthers Cricket Club0100000120
187 Carter, MurrayPanthers Cricket Club0100000160
188 Livesley, ClintPanthers Cricket Club0120000000
189 Stewart, JamieNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001000
190 Jobson, DerekCranebrook Cricket Club0000000015
191 Walker, ToddCranebrook Cricket Club0000000117
192 Barber, DeanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001800030
193 Sultana, JohnSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000000002
194 Yates, PatColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0002000018
195 Nicholls, GeoffreyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001600000
196 Wilson, MichaelColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000001
197 Beggs, AdamColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001300000
198 Dunn, DavidColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001700000
199 Atherton, ShaneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000150000
200 O'Grady, LiamSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club7018000000
201 O'Connor, RoryCranebrook Cricket Club000008000
202 Christian, BlakeGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0017000000
203 Whiteford, MatthewGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1016000000
204 McKee, IanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000040
205 Butler, TrevorGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0016000000
206 Leslie, RobertSpringwood Cricket Club0000001013
207 Apicella, GerryCranebrook Cricket Club000000900
208 Rogers, EwanSpringwood Cricket Club700000000
209 Rogers, HamishSpringwood Cricket Club200000000
210 Kamlade, PatrickEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000160
211 Chantler, ClaytonCranebrook Cricket Club060000000
212 Ericson, StuartEmu Plains Cricket Club0000130000
213 Kobryn, MatthewEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000150
214 McPherson, ShaneEmu Plains Cricket Club0011300000
215 Dimitrievski, LukeColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000090
216 Fenn, AlexColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000090
217 Bateup, ReeceSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1200000000
218 Moore, AlanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001800000
219 Ferguson, JonEmu Plains Cricket Club000070000
220 Christensen, NathanEmu Plains Cricket Club000060000
221 Philliponi, JonathanPanthers Cricket Club0000001800
222 Pass, BenEmu Plains Cricket Club040000000
223 Fear, MitchellCranebrook Cricket Club080000000
224 Tierney, Adam LCranebrook Cricket Club020000000
225 Marzano, AlexanderGlenmore Park Cricket Club0131000000
226 Evans, EricGlenmore Park Cricket Club000090000
227 Jones, MitchellPenrith RSL Cricket Club000007000
228 Harvey, DavidGlenmore Park Cricket Club001100000
229 Pitt, EthanCranebrook Cricket Club000070001
230 Yates, JamesPanthers Cricket Club070000000
231 Wood, KevinSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club1011100000
232 Evans, DavidGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1301010100
233 Evans, TimGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1201000300
234 Miles, MurrayEmu Plains Cricket Club210000000
235 Taylor, Darren JEmu Plains Cricket Club0000130000
236 Coulshed, DavidGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000011
237 Kean, GrantGlenmore Park Cricket Club000008000
238 Vickers, BradJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000013000
239 Fleming, MichealEmu Plains Cricket Club0001600000
240 Ryder, BrendanJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000017000
241 Priest, BenjaminJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000017000
242 Hunt, GrantSpringwood Cricket Club000000001
243 Nightingale, BenjaminSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0110050000
244 Belotti, LukeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0120000000
245 Belotti, JeremyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0130000001
246 Harding, GlenGlenmore Park Cricket Club000007000
247 Stubbings, SteveGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000011
248 Ward, WarrenGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000013
249 Stafford, MarkEmu Plains Cricket Club0000130000
250 Williams, JoshuaSpringwood Cricket Club000000100
251 New, JacobSpringwood Cricket Club100000000
252 Munro, MarcSpringwood Cricket Club0000000013
253 Fogg, LongCranebrook Cricket Club091000000
254 Whiteford, AndrewGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club001090000
255 Irwin, JaydenEmu Plains Cricket Club000000060
256 Benitez, JordanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000010
257 Mullen, HarrisonEmu Plains Cricket Club1301000000
258 Speechley, BrendonEmu Plains Cricket Club100000000
259 Kelly, DanielPanthers Cricket Club000000200
260 Mudonkothge, HashanSt Clair United Sports Club000009000
261 Davey, MatthewEmu Plains Cricket Club001000000
262 Bradley, Joshua AGlenmore Park Cricket Club0312001000
263 Organ, Michael DGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1012000000
264 Newton, HeliPenrith RSL Cricket Club000020000
265 Harker, MatthewColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000120
266 Orr, BrendonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0120000000
267 Sutcliffe, ChrisSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club814000000
268 Moulds, ChristopherSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0010160000
269 Venables, BrentSt Clair United Sports Club000008000
270 Miller, BenjaminSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club001104000
271 Hubbard, Shaun JGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001400000
272 Callaghan, PaulEmu Plains Cricket Club090000000
273 Brown, LukeGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club001000000
274 Tewson, RichardGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000160
275 Payne, ScottSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club081000000
276 Rose, ShannonCranebrook Cricket Club0000132061
277 Fittock, NicholasCranebrook Cricket Club070010000
278 Owen, Benjamin MCranebrook Cricket Club0200101930
279 Park, MitchellCranebrook Cricket Club020000000
280 Geeves, LachlanPanthers Cricket Club000000500
281 Wellard, AnthonySt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0013000000
282 Douglass, ShaneCranebrook Cricket Club0017000000
283 Luxford, MichaelPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000015000
284 Camenzuli, JoeyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001200000
285 Hampton, DavidCranebrook Cricket Club0120000000
286 Bear, ScottColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000070
287 Keen, AshleySt Clair United Sports Club000008000
288 Davison, CraigSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1607000000
289 Sillis, DarrylSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0010019000
290 Brown, SamuelPanthers Cricket Club000000100
291 Peace, BrianPanthers Cricket Club0150000000
292 Rizzo, AdamCranebrook Cricket Club0000013000
293 Pontifex, GaryMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000015
294 Devlin, James TPanthers Cricket Club0000001700
295 Clifford, KevinJamison Hotel Cricket Club000008000
296 Kerr, StephenSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000001000
297 Willmington, RichardPanthers Cricket Club000000030
298 Davey, NathanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club2015000000
299 Starr, RyanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000100041
300 Wakankar, NikhilNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001100
301 White, MathewSpringwood Cricket Club1300000301
302 Scarfe, Joshua ACranebrook Cricket Club007000000
303 Scarfe, Jacob SCranebrook Cricket Club0010000000
304 Price, MitchellGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1001000000
305 Dunn, TylerCranebrook Cricket Club0000020000
306 Field, HarrisonEmu Plains Cricket Club1200100000
307 McColl, JustinEmu Plains Cricket Club4017300000
308 Gale, LukeEmu Plains Cricket Club1151000000
309 Rogers, CampbellSpringwood Cricket Club000000500
310 Crouch, JackSpringwood Cricket Club640000000
311 Wilkinson, FionnSpringwood Cricket Club2000000013
312 Morgan, JamesSpringwood Cricket Club0000000014
313 Duncan, MitchellSpringwood Cricket Club4000000013
314 Romer, BenEmu Plains Cricket Club3120000000
315 Riik, LukeEmu Plains Cricket Club200000000
316 Daley, SamuelGlenmore Park Cricket Club000002000
317 Moulds, LachlanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000100000
318 Moulds, BradleySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000100000
319 wallace, keithSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000110000
320 duguid, nathanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001200000
321 Swarup, YashNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000100
322 Squassoni, Craig CSpringwood Cricket Club090000000
323 Wallace, IanPanthers Cricket Club0000000170
324 Eapen, PhilipGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001013
325 Caston, FlynnEmu Plains Cricket Club000000010
326 Jones, BradleySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club3017000000
327 Sood, KartikSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0011000000
328 Keevill, DavidSpringwood Cricket Club0000002013
329 Heyes, AnthonyCranebrook Cricket Club0000001810
330 Gamble, AdamPenrith RSL Cricket Club000050000
331 Jeffries, JoshuaCranebrook Cricket Club0120000010
332 Stassen, TaylarSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000150000
333 Coates, BenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000500
334 Shergill, AnoopGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1000002010
335 Hyde, Gavin BPanthers Cricket Club000000020
336 Finemore, Taran GGlenmore Park Cricket Club080000000
337 Sowter, KarlGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000160000
338 Hope, AllanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001800
339 Neilson, LanceSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000018
340 Chowdhury, NahazPenrith RSL Cricket Club000043004
341 Rose, MattGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club202000000
342 Starr, DavidColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000100072
343 Scott, DarrenCranebrook Cricket Club0000000019
344 Rolls, TimithyCranebrook Cricket Club0000130000
345 Lang, Matthew RPanthers Cricket Club020000000
346 HAHN, LACHLANGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000217
347 JOHNSON, BradleySpringwood Cricket Club000000001
348 Rowe, AidanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001011500
349 Joyce, SamuelGlenmore Park Cricket Club0014000000
350 Joyce, TylerGlenmore Park Cricket Club0016000000
351 Welsh, HaydenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010110020
352 Sarina, Bailey BSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000019
353 Ross, Brendan LSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001301000
354 Mirarchi, AdrianGlenmore Park Cricket Club0100000000
355 Schinella, ErnieGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000200015
356 McMillan, DarrenGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001000000
357 Hopkins, MatthewPanthers Cricket Club000500000
358 Frankland, HaydnGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1101000000
359 Buckley, AdamGlenmore Park Cricket Club000009000
360 Willcocks, Mark RGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001402000
361 Thomas, Daniel JPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000012
362 Tracey, NoahSpringwood Cricket Club700000000
363 Reid, KimSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000140000
364 Griffith, CharlieSpringwood Cricket Club300000100
365 De Zilwa, BrendanSt Clair United Sports Club000008000
366 Bulluss, JacobEmu Plains Cricket Club020000000
367 Trezise, JackEmu Plains Cricket Club120000000
368 McNulty, BaileyEmu Plains Cricket Club1000000000
369 Pelle, LachlanGlenmore Park Cricket Club014200000
370 salis, justinSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000000000
371 rodman, joshuaCranebrook Cricket Club0111000000
372 Dutton, OliverSpringwood Cricket Club900000902
373 Bull, JoshuaSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club200000000
374 Searle, JaykeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001011300
375 McMillan, Harrison LGlenmore Park Cricket Club000100000
376 Andrew, JustinSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club100000000
377 Byrnes, BradGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club200000000
378 Parsons, ThomasGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club100000000
379 Ekanayake, HashanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club700000000
380 Pillai, ReesenPanthers Cricket Club0140000000
381 Speed, BlakeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001100000
382 Burden, StevenPanthers Cricket Club0001800000
383 Pendergast, MarkColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0004000012
384 Peters, Tyrone APenrith RSL Cricket Club000030000
385 Prince, AnthonyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0018012000
386 O'BRIEN, CraigNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001500
387 Jansen, EddieSpringwood Cricket Club0000000015
388 Atkins, KyleSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0010000000
389 Sidrak, FrancoisEmu Plains Cricket Club0001410020
390 Newman, BrettSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000080000
391 fonti, Kevin wCranebrook Cricket Club0000000210
392 Manders, DaveCranebrook Cricket Club000000020
393 Stewart, JaydenNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001100
394 Lees, JoshuaGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001300
395 Hinde, HenryGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000130000
396 Salter, JoelPanthers Cricket Club000000700
397 Sayer, GregGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000130110
398 Jackson, CallumSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1000000000
399 Bradshaw, BenjaminNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000900
400 Price, AndyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club900000000
401 Carr, DeanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0120000000
402 Davison, JordanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1609000000
403 Dunkley, BrendanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000120000
404 Nelson, JustinSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000000000
405 Roots, NathanEmu Plains Cricket Club100000000
406 Dawson, DamienSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001100000
407 Devrell, Stephen JCranebrook Cricket Club0000010015
408 Tierney, William JCranebrook Cricket Club0000100160
409 Cordwell, ChristopherJamison Hotel Cricket Club000001000
410 Cromie, MatthewEmu Plains Cricket Club0130000000
411 Mangan, MatthewGlenmore Park Cricket Club0120000000
412 Pillai, KershanPanthers Cricket Club0110000000
413 Jackson, Glenn RNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000600
414 Blakeley, ChrisJamison Hotel Cricket Club000002000
415 Risk, ChrisCranebrook Cricket Club0000000200
416 Thorne, BernardPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000010000
417 Hood, DanielPanthers Cricket Club000900020
418 Boland, DonaldPanthers Cricket Club0000000130
419 Eyre, DavidPanthers Cricket Club000300000
420 Metten, Steven GPanthers Cricket Club010000000
421 George, NathanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001300000
422 Scott, vinceCranebrook Cricket Club0110000000
423 Mineif, BenjaminCranebrook Cricket Club0000119000
424 Keating, GlennCranebrook Cricket Club000090000
425 Kutnjak, Nicholas GMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000001
426 Hebb, LiamSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club105003000
427 Mann, JackNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000100
428 Hartley, LincolnSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club200020000
429 Myburgh-Sisam, TyroneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club201000000
430 Savage, BrandonEmu Plains Cricket Club800000000
431 Kutnjak, SteveMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000005
432 Polidano, RichardSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000001000
433 Jeffery, Michael SGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000150100
434 Singh, KirandeepCranebrook Cricket Club0016003000
435 Buckley, JasonGlenmore Park Cricket Club000007000
436 Crawford, MatthewSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000700000
437 Crawford, Stuart JSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001500000
438 Dale, JoshSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club10133015000
439 Rudd, JohnMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000001
440 Lelliott, HamishPanthers Cricket Club020000000
441 Moss, LyndonSpringwood Cricket Club100000000
442 Thomas, LachlanSpringwood Cricket Club3000000011
443 Sapsed, ShanePanthers Cricket Club0140300000
444 Lees, Nathan JGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club501000500
445 Wakankar, RahulNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001300
446 Wakankar, AkshayNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000200
447 Tariq, Muhammad HGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000011
448 Ahuja, HemishGlenmore Park Cricket Club010000000
449 Kells, AidenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0110120000
450 Egberts, JasonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club008000000
451 Sultana, OscarColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001100000
452 Bradcock, PaytonEmu Plains Cricket Club000000010
453 Steele, RayGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001500000
454 Hazard, PeterGlenmore Park Cricket Club000600000
455 Wilson, LiamGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000017000
456 Manoel, LeeSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000013000
457 Rawal, PuneetNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000700
458 Watson, JonathanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000010000
459 Broadley, Phillip CSpringwood Cricket Club000000001
460 Ford, ReubenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001014
461 Churchill, RobbieGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001015
462 Graham, StephenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000017
463 Martin, BrodyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club009000000
464 Bournes, PeterSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club2110000000
465 Hinde, DavidGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0017000000
466 Jackson, StephenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000002020
467 Johnson, ChrisGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000110
468 Williams, Ryan MEmu Plains Cricket Club1200000000
469 Geering, JaydenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001500000
470 Hadden, DavidGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000015
471 Chandrasekhar, SathyanSt Clair United Sports Club0000017000
472 Abboud, GeorgeCranebrook Cricket Club0000000210
473 Kean, CallanGlenmore Park Cricket Club000001100
474 Ardle, LeslieSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000015000
475 Burnett, ShannonSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club1012000000
476 hyde, stevenCranebrook Cricket Club0014000000
477 De Castro, NeilSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club080000000
478 Watson, RichardColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0003000012
479 Findley, DuaneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000016
480 Shirwadkar, Charudatt GSt Clair United Sports Club000003000
481 Barak, AndrewNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000600
482 Geering, AdamSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000700000
483 Roberts, SamuelPanthers Cricket Club0000001100
484 Maan, HarkanwarGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000100
485 Capararo, Samuel lGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000001
486 Cullen, StevenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club008000000
487 Wilson, BryceGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club100000000
488 Yates, GregPanthers Cricket Club0130200000
489 Hamilton, ScottColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001400031
490 Page, Kerry WJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000011000
491 Todd, Phillip jPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000004
492 Turner, WilliamSpringwood Cricket Club200000000
493 McEvoy, NickPanthers Cricket Club000200000
494 Sutcliffe, MatthewEmu Plains Cricket Club0100000000
495 Herald, ChrisGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001500000
496 Chalker, ShaneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001600000
497 Taylor, DavidSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001300000
498 Fenn, Alex SColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000120
499 Coleman, Bailey DColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001900013
500 Scerri, JasonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000017
501 Dale, BrendanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club10110012000
502 George, MichaelSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club004306000
503 Kelshaw, MatthewSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1402000000
504 Jackson, MaxNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000300
505 Cross, EdSpringwood Cricket Club700000000
506 Bayliss, LiamSpringwood Cricket Club0000001100
507 Powell, EthanSpringwood Cricket Club000000700
508 Powell, OwenSpringwood Cricket Club0000001400
509 Smith, Daniel WSpringwood Cricket Club020000000
510 Williams, EloiseSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
511 Scerri, ConnorSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000014
512 Wilson, RileyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001200000
513 Sherwood, WilliamSpringwood Cricket Club100000400
514 Barlow, DylanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001400000
515 Adams, HaydenNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001400
516 Stewart, AaronNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000800
517 Walton, BryceEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000110
518 Bottrill, JamesGlenmore Park Cricket Club000010200
519 Gomesz, CameronGlenmore Park Cricket Club000002100
520 Lothian, MitchellGlenmore Park Cricket Club020101400
521 Jones, LachlanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001500
522 Webb, BradleySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001300000
523 Fairbairn, StuartColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000700020
524 Byers, Matthew LPanthers Cricket Club000000020
525 Kobryn, AndrewEmu Plains Cricket Club000070000
526 Fenn, BryceColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000100
527 Paag, Harry TGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000003
528 Doughty, MatthewGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club100000116
529 Lowerson, Travis JSpringwood Cricket Club0000003011
530 Tupper, DanielGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001200
531 Damle, Prashant RSt Clair United Sports Club0000014000
532 Jensen, LukeGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1100000000
533 Robinson, PeterGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001400000
534 Ardle, PeterSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000012000
535 Elliott, NickEmu Plains Cricket Club000000040
536 Jagodzinski, JohnCranebrook Cricket Club000000020
537 Peschke, KurtSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club500000000
538 Bullivant, AdamPanthers Cricket Club0001800000
539 Killeen, NickPanthers Cricket Club0001500000
540 Drury, John RGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001000
541 Zammit, Stephen JSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club187000000
542 Page, Benjamin JJamison Hotel Cricket Club000006000
543 McFadgean, KobeGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000100
544 Johnson, Greg NGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club4020120200
545 Norman, MattGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001151
546 Brunsden, RileyPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000003
547 Mallows, JamesCranebrook Cricket Club0000020010
548 Melville, AlexJamison Hotel Cricket Club000008000
549 De Costa, KesaraSt Clair United Sports Club000006000
550 Emblem, MarkPanthers Cricket Club0000000120
551 Watkins, Dean TSpringwood Cricket Club0140000000
552 Peschke, DaneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club400000000
553 Camwell, KadeSpringwood Cricket Club1000001000
554 Stubbs, WilliamNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001500
555 McIlvride, MaxGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000110010
556 Morris, Lachlan SGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1100000411
557 Byrnes, JamieColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000800010
558 Wade, KyleColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000020
559 McIlwain, JacobColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000200000
560 Robinson, CodyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000100020
561 Dixon, ToddPanthers Cricket Club0130200000
562 Khare, YashrajGlenmore Park Cricket Club002000000
563 Phillips, LukeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001400
564 Devaney, Liam ASpringwood Cricket Club1010000000
565 Hodges, TimNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000600
566 Bentvelzen, JeremyGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000007
567 Luck, NathanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club106100000
568 Cochran, ShaunSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000100000
569 Brown-Mead, SamuelColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000071
570 Bayliss, BrendanSpringwood Cricket Club0000001100
571 terkildsen, kyleMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000010
572 LIDDIARD, JIRAHSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000008000
573 LIDDIARD, JORDANSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000001000
574 Stubbings, MichaelJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000016000
575 Terkildsen, JustinEmu Plains Cricket Club100000000
576 Houllis, MatthewSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club100000000
577 Stivala-Sillis, BaileySt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0040019000
578 Barbaschow, KieranSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club065000000
579 Silva, KanchanaSt Clair United Sports Club000001000
580 Reardon, OscarColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000100000
581 Devaney, PaulSpringwood Cricket Club3140000000
582 Vollmer, DysonPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000010018
583 Hutchings, EthanPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000001
584 Sethi, LovishNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000200
585 Wilson, ReeganColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000400000
586 Hammond, AaronCranebrook Cricket Club0000110000
587 Ashourian, TomJamison Hotel Cricket Club000003000
588 Gale, AnthonyCranebrook Cricket Club007000000
589 Ferguson, JoelCranebrook Cricket Club0018000000
590 Robb, MichealGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club801010000
591 Giuliano, ChrisSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club006000000
592 Sargison, LennonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1501000000
593 Thomas, MahadevanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club010000000
594 Rennie, JohnEmu Plains Cricket Club001000000
595 Hodges, JarredSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club001000000
596 Boyes, LukeSpringwood Cricket Club0000001000
597 Mason, TroyPenrith RSL Cricket Club000056000
598 Stewart, KyussSpringwood Cricket Club000000300
599 Goodwin, JeffSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000016000
600 Swift, MatthewGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000190
601 Ker, DanaanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0011000000
602 Hartley, StephenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club8110120000
603 Tweed, AndyEmu Plains Cricket Club000000020
604 Williams, Brad REmu Plains Cricket Club800000000
605 Hughes, BradySpringwood Cricket Club000000100
606 Schultz, ZacharieSpringwood Cricket Club200000000
607 Sanap, AvinashSt Clair United Sports Club000001000
608 Hogarth, MatthewEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000160
609 Dashputre, Rajendrakumar SSt Clair United Sports Club000002000
610 Dimitrievski, ZacharyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000070
611 Whana, CordellNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000700
612 Mannix, JustinGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001501000
613 Todd, Mitchell JPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000003
614 Chalker, ZachSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000900000
615 Lawler, KurtSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0011000000
616 Waugh, JoelColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0000000018
617 Moore, CurtisGlenmore Park Cricket Club0015001000
618 Hammond, IanCranebrook Cricket Club0000101031
619 Phillips, SamuelGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000200
620 Watson, NicholasGlenmore Park Cricket Club000001000
621 Martin, Dylan HGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club008000000
622 Ciampi, RickyEmu Plains Cricket Club0011400000
623 Carrick, NathanGlenmore Park Cricket Club030000000
624 Sharma, MunishMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000009
625 Gabriel, ShayPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000013
626 McKay, DavidCranebrook Cricket Club0000019000
627 Blackmore, AlanCranebrook Cricket Club0000121000
628 Cap, DavidCranebrook Cricket Club0114001000
629 Foote, JackSpringwood Cricket Club000000800
630 Smith, DeaneMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000013
631 Brooker, ChristopherColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000007
632 Gabriel, BarryPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000010
633 holroyd, michaelPenrith RSL Cricket Club000030000
634 Budd, ShaineColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000115
635 Byrnes, PeterColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000400050
636 Warbrick, NathanSt Clair United Sports Club000002000
637 Sarina, HarrisonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000016
638 Manek, AadityaPenrith RSL Cricket Club000001001
639 Austin, PeterSpringwood Cricket Club0000000015
640 Johnston, MattSpringwood Cricket Club0130000000
641 Andrews, JacksonPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000001
642 Sethi, RitishNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000400
643 Bulsara, Alex RGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000008
644 Doughty, Luke HGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000112
645 Apap, RonPanthers Cricket Club0000000160
646 Batty, HamishGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000170
647 Lane, BethanySpringwood Cricket Club000000600
648 Jeffery, Luke WGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000100
649 Kumara, Sisira DSt Clair United Sports Club000002000
650 Phillips, KierenSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club001003000
651 Barron, DeanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000001000
652 Barron, ToddSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000002000
653 Brown, Aaron LSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000000004
654 O'Brien, DanielEmu Plains Cricket Club0130000000
655 Brennan, ChrisPanthers Cricket Club0000000110
656 Newman, JoshuaColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000004
657 Finlayson, LiamPanthers Cricket Club0001700010
658 Wallace, Harrison LEmu Plains Cricket Club0001500000
659 Proctor, Jarrod BEmu Plains Cricket Club1501000000
660 Latham, BenEmu Plains Cricket Club000000020
661 Turner, DanielSpringwood Cricket Club1500000000
662 Batty, CraigGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001180
663 Parmar, BhavinSt Clair United Sports Club000008000
664 Vella, ThomasPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000001
665 Anand, LohitNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000200
666 Rowan, AllanPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000080
667 Green, MichaelGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000013
668 Williams, RileySpringwood Cricket Club270000000
669 Duval, JeremyEmu Plains Cricket Club000000010
670 Patel, NayankumarSt Clair United Sports Club000008000
671 Campbell, BrockSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club010050000
672 Downie, LukeEmu Plains Cricket Club0016100000
673 Parker, Keith VEmu Plains Cricket Club00001400120
674 Parker, Keith SEmu Plains Cricket Club000070060
675 Masters, Ben RGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000010
676 Whale, JudahEmu Plains Cricket Club000010020
677 Kernaghan, BradleySpringwood Cricket Club000000400
678 Moore, Jayden AGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001600
679 Keeley, GregGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010152000
680 Badiani, PragnishSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club008000000
681 Grosse, John APanthers Cricket Club030000000
682 Robinson, BrendanColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000100020
683 anusic, matthewCranebrook Cricket Club0000001900
684 Reber, ericCranebrook Cricket Club0000021912
685 Sawyer, PeterCranebrook Cricket Club0000001700
686 Stewart, AndrewCranebrook Cricket Club0000002000
687 Hancock, JackSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1001600000
688 Lee, MaxEmu Plains Cricket Club000000030
689 Stubbs, TimothyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1304010000
690 Masters, JeremyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000170
691 Narang, RajeevSt Clair United Sports Club000003000
692 Waterhouse, ScottEmu Plains Cricket Club0001200000
693 Howard, JohnSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club101108000
694 Ooms, RickPanthers Cricket Club0000001710
695 Charman, RobinCranebrook Cricket Club0000000210
696 Jones, BlakeSpringwood Cricket Club100000100
697 Mckay, LachlanCranebrook Cricket Club0000019000
698 SHAHOUD, RyanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001300000
699 WALLACE, JacobSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001400000
700 Baker, KallanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001500000
701 Sullivan, DamianPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000010014
702 Boot, AnthonyPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000015
703 Mangion, BernardMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000007
704 Henson, NickEmu Plains Cricket Club1000000000
705 Honeymon, LukeEmu Plains Cricket Club0001100000
706 Miller, Matthew AGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000005317
707 Park, GraemeSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000009000
708 Brettle, NathanPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000014
709 Nambiar, SandeepSt Clair United Sports Club000002000
710 Fernandes, AgnelGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000010
711 Munro, KainSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000009000
712 Harris, RyanCranebrook Cricket Club0000001900
713 Blake, AndrewGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001300000
714 McDonald, BryceMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000018
715 Sloane, NathanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001100
716 McDonald, BrettMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000013
717 Kishore, VishalPanthers Cricket Club030000000
718 Thompson, GregoryGlenmore Park Cricket Club0010000014
719 Wells, JoelGlenmore Park Cricket Club000005000
720 Herring, TimothyGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000014
721 Whiticker, SamGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000200014
722 Cullen, BenjaminGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club009000100
723 White, BenjaminGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010001101
724 Singh, RanbirGlenmore Park Cricket Club040003201
725 Grover, MunishGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001200
726 Alves-Jones, OliverSpringwood Cricket Club000000801
727 James-Barlow, PeterSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000030000
728 Hoysted, AndrewSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1013000000
729 Haywood, LachlanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000011
730 Sathyanarayana, ThejasSt Clair United Sports Club000001000
731 Schofield, BedeGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000080
732 Ridges, Brendan MGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club901000000
733 Nightingale, RussellCranebrook Cricket Club0000002000
734 Britton, TerryCranebrook Cricket Club0000000013
735 Criss, JackCranebrook Cricket Club0000010000
736 McColl, LeeEmu Plains Cricket Club5016300000
737 Lawson, JoshuaEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000170
738 Karim, MustafaNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001300
739 ZANKER, PaulSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0014001000
740 Hall, LiamEmu Plains Cricket Club0000000140
741 Foote, WilliamEmu Plains Cricket Club000000040
742 Bradley, Jason MGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000018100
743 Yates, RyanPanthers Cricket Club010000010
744 Pearce, LiamColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000017
745 Scarlett, EdwardSpringwood Cricket Club0000000014
746 Knowles, KieranJamison Hotel Cricket Club000008000
747 Castle, ShaneColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0003000220
748 Kenn, JasonSpringwood Cricket Club0140000000
749 Tuft, BenGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club100000000
750 Sainsbury, SamCranebrook Cricket Club070000000
751 Karpagam, NathanSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000015
752 Hardaker, MasonPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000016000
753 Murray, ZacPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000314000
754 George, PeterSpringwood Cricket Club000000008
755 Patadia, GauravSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club106000000
756 McRae, RonJamison Hotel Cricket Club000001000
757 O'Grady, RobertSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0015000000
758 Stubbs, MatthewNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001500
759 North, WyattColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000051
760 Herrenberg, Lachlan APanthers Cricket Club0001000160
761 swarup, shreeNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000300
762 swarup, ishanNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000100
763 Ringe, KaylumCranebrook Cricket Club0000002000
764 Coco, MichaelPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000001
765 Skinner, NathanPenrith RSL Cricket Club000005000
766 Powell, JeffSpringwood Cricket Club0000001400
767 Piper, ChrisGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club700000200
768 Haldane, JamesGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000400
769 Galea, JoeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000014
770 Tuckwell, WayneGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000014
771 Lennon, JoelGlenmore Park Cricket Club0102002000
772 Valerio, WayneGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000010015
773 Smythe, TristanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0118000000
774 Dakha, GurpreetGlenmore Park Cricket Club0020120003
775 Lehal, KaramjitGlenmore Park Cricket Club0020012000
776 Lowe, OscarGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000106
777 Stubbings, AaronJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000016000
778 Milne, WarwickCranebrook Cricket Club0000001400
779 Roberts, LukeCranebrook Cricket Club0000000012
780 Borchard, StevenCranebrook Cricket Club0000010013
781 McIlwain, LoganSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1400000000
782 Pollock, BlakeGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000170000
783 Boominathan, Tharun KumaurSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000000004
784 Lowe, JacksonSpringwood Cricket Club000000100
785 McDONALD, ClaytonNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001900
786 Burns, ScottCranebrook Cricket Club0000001900
787 Jacobs, TerryPanthers Cricket Club000000010
788 Fairbain, SteveColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001200020
789 Betsy, ChrisPanthers Cricket Club000000010
790 Ali, AsadMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000007
791 Bannister, BenColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000019
792 Jacobs, Lachlan tPanthers Cricket Club030000040
793 Sikri, SaurabhSt Clair United Sports Club0000017000
794 Finemore, ConnerPenrith RSL Cricket Club000002000
795 Robinson, ChadPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000014000
796 Mackie, MatthewPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000012000
797 gleeson, liamPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000014000
798 Betteridge, JarradPanthers Cricket Club000000050
799 Peffer, Luke tPanthers Cricket Club000000040
800 Davis, JasonCranebrook Cricket Club0100010221
801 Davis, MurrayGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000020
802 Turner, RobMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000015
803 Musgrave, BenEmu Plains Cricket Club0110000000
804 Srinivasan, Mohan KSt Clair United Sports Club000001000
805 Hausfeld, JakePenrith RSL Cricket Club000010000
806 Lennon, JordanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0130002000
807 Delaney, Joel APenrith RSL Cricket Club0000015000
808 Baldacchino, TreyColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000070
809 Brunsden, DavidPanthers Cricket Club0100000180
810 Chitnis, NinadGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000300
811 Singh, GursewakGlenmore Park Cricket Club0012011000
812 Loader, RichardCranebrook Cricket Club0000000150
813 Morris, DarrenMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000010
814 Yates, DaniellePanthers Cricket Club010000000
815 Mackie, JacobPenrith RSL Cricket Club000001000
816 Buckley, JonathanGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0012000000
817 Clifford, Paul DJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000012000
818 DABADI, BuddhaCranebrook Cricket Club000000002
819 Grosse, JakePanthers Cricket Club030000000
820 Hancock, WayneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001500000
821 Morris, BryanEmu Plains Cricket Club0150000000
822 Atkinson, ScottSpringwood Cricket Club0000000011
823 Hanrahan, DavidEmu Plains Cricket Club0110000000
824 Joy, JobinGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010001700
825 Board, Malcolm JCranebrook Cricket Club0000000115
826 Nalamati, NagaCranebrook Cricket Club000041051
827 Jones, Jesse JCranebrook Cricket Club001000000
828 Harvey, StephenCranebrook Cricket Club0017000000
829 Sandhu, SachitGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000180001
830 Singh, JobanbirGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000130001
831 Kapoor, MunishMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000005
832 Campbell, JasonGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000110000
833 Pitt, ScottCranebrook Cricket Club000090000
834 Butcher, BrantonSpringwood Cricket Club0110000000
835 Yohannan, AbinNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000300
836 Phillips, JamesCranebrook Cricket Club0000000160
837 Beal, BlakeCranebrook Cricket Club0000100190
838 Horan, PeterEmu Plains Cricket Club000000010
839 mcfadgean, BrentonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0120000000
840 lopez, brandynSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club1103000000
841 Brown, JasonColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001800010
842 Hughes, DavidColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0005000013
843 Medana, ShaneGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001000000
844 Brown, JakePanthers Cricket Club0001400000
845 Hood, LachlanPanthers Cricket Club000000010
846 Lelliott, LachlanPanthers Cricket Club030000000
847 Aggar, MatthewSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000900000
848 Lelliott, JamesPanthers Cricket Club010000000
849 Mangat, Navtej SinghSt Clair United Sports Club0000015000
850 Parkinson, LukeColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000110
851 Baker, BenPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000041
852 Goodwin, TysonPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000080
853 Lane, JaiPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000080
854 Lean, VaughnPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000050
855 Lester, LiamPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000080
856 Rowan, PatrickPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000200101
857 Schempp, HaydenPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000021
858 Squires, LachlanPenrith RSL Cricket Club000040090
859 Andrews, StephenNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000100
860 Cook, MarkCranebrook Cricket Club0000000190
861 Baker, DarrinPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000090
862 Goodwin, Mark EPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000080
863 Singh, MalkiatCranebrook Cricket Club0014003000
864 Lester, JonPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000080
865 Squires, Craig KPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000070
866 Tebbutt, BaileyPenrith RSL Cricket Club000010072
867 Tooth, RobPenrith RSL Cricket Club000030071
868 Lean, BrianPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000090
869 Lane, DamienPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000100
870 Cobden, MichaelCranebrook Cricket Club000000900
871 Bernard, MarkPanthers Cricket Club0001800000
872 Wood, NicholasPanthers Cricket Club0001600000
873 Woods, DanielPanthers Cricket Club0001100000
874 McGrath, BradleyCranebrook Cricket Club0020015000
875 Sharma, RoobalCranebrook Cricket Club0116000000
876 Tooth, JohnPenrith RSL Cricket Club000010060
877 Tompsett, NathanCranebrook Cricket Club0000000170
878 Bates, RobertEmu Plains Cricket Club0011600080
879 Singh, ParmdeepMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000003
880 Ali, MinhajMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000004
881 Hussain, JavidMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000006
882 Luatuanuu, PaulMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000012
883 De Silva, merennage sGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club203000200
884 Prior, JedPenrith RSL Cricket Club000010060
885 Waters, StevenSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000090000
886 Singh, DaljitMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000000
887 Smith, JordanSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000500000
888 Potter-Jugovac, ConnerPanthers Cricket Club0110100070
889 Sunny, NidhinNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001500
890 Sooalo, BaileyMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000016
891 Wallace, AllanPanthers Cricket Club0000000140
892 Ryder, LliamJamison Hotel Cricket Club0000016000
893 Gamble, ScottPenrith RSL Cricket Club000050000
894 Rothnagel, AnthonyPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000012000
895 Sharma, PuneethSt Clair United Sports Club000004000
896 Gupta, RakeshMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000005
897 Dean, ChristopherGlenmore Park Cricket Club000010000
898 Dunn, coreyCranebrook Cricket Club0000020000
899 Eswararaj, Marin AGlenmore Park Cricket Club0101110000
900 Panicker, MaheshNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club0000001300
901 Hiriyanna, JaisimhaGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0010101101
902 sandhu, gurpreet sGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000400
903 Gabriel, FrancisNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000600
904 Savage, JackEmu Plains Cricket Club1610000000
905 Lawson, BlakeEmu Plains Cricket Club000000070
906 McPherson, JamesEmu Plains Cricket Club0117000000
907 Wood, JoshuaEmu Plains Cricket Club0231000000
908 Tupper, DaveGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001500
909 Sarao, JaspreetGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000600
910 Gardiner, GlennGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000012
911 Raju, Santhosh DGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000000015
912 Searle, AlanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0000001100
913 Maan, DaljitGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000700
914 Dias, NalinGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000009
915 Hahn, SamGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000118
916 Dixon, ChristianGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000000110
917 Hahn, TimGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000001315
918 Butler, TrentNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000600
919 Khoury, BrendanEmu Plains Cricket Club0000130010
920 Ams, PatrickPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000011
921 taylor, ashtonSpringwood Cricket Club100000500
922 Ford, DavidGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000006
923 Wilcox, AndrewCranebrook Cricket Club0000000014
924 Hughes, Nathan CCranebrook Cricket Club0000022001
925 Horne, RobCranebrook Cricket Club0000000015
926 Major, StephenCranebrook Cricket Club0010111000
927 Pradhan, MontuCranebrook Cricket Club000002000
928 Minney, MichaelEmu Plains Cricket Club000810010
929 Parkinson, MilesColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club0001000120
930 sarina, terrySt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000017
931 bennett, blakeSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000010
932 Middendorf, BrendonSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000016
933 Haywood, CameronSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club000000005
934 DAVIS, StephenCranebrook Cricket Club0000000119
935 Bruzzese, NicholasGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000110000
936 Mead, DennisColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000040
937 Sullivan, Shaun MPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000013
938 Brettle, TroyPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000008
939 Boot, GregoryPenrith RSL Cricket Club0000000011
940 CUSENS, BrentSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0010015000
941 GRUBB, PhillipSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0001019000
942 WRIGHT, GarethSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club003000000
943 Haidley, JackPanthers Cricket Club000000010
944 Forbes, MartinPanthers Cricket Club0000000140
945 Green, JonathonPanthers Cricket Club0000001540
946 Aumann, PhilllipPanthers Cricket Club0000001800
947 Denoord, LukePanthers Cricket Club0000001310
948 Guggemos, ShannonCranebrook Cricket Club000011000
949 Edwy-Smith, JamieColyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club000000001
950 Boyes, AdamSpringwood Cricket Club000000400
951 Horo, JamesSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0201400000
952 Sarina, ShaneSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0000000016
953 Singh, FlowerjeetGlenmore Park Cricket Club000080000
954 McNamara, TomPanthers Cricket Club0000001300
955 Prior, GusPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000000
956 Kirk, KevinPanthers Cricket Club000000100
957 Bullivant, BradEmu Plains Cricket Club010000000
958 McFadgean, BradGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000200
959 Vollmer, TimPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000008
960 Burgess, JackPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000040
961 Berry, PhillipPenrith RSL Cricket Club000031022
962 Freeman, RyanPenrith RSL Cricket Club000020030
963 Wakankar, NashNorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000300
964 singh, narinderMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club0000000011
965 Singh, MansiratEmu Plains Cricket Club130400020
966 Carroll, TonyCranebrook Cricket Club010000000
967 Daniel, George INorth Penrith Knights Junior Cricket Club000000200
968 O'Neill, ConnorPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000040
969 Brown, DavidCranebrook Cricket Club0000000100
970 Freeman, GordonPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000010
971 Campbell, MatthewMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000001
972 Hoevars, NathanGlenmore Park Cricket Club000000002
973 Horne, RyanPenrith RSL Cricket Club000000010
974 Smith, GregGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000100
975 Fyfe, KeiranPanthers Cricket Club000000200
976 Egas, LeePanthers Cricket Club000100000
977 Mullins, MattCranebrook Cricket Club000000010
978 Macmorran, PaulSpringwood Cricket Club010000000
979 Singh, KarmjitMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000005
980 Singh, GurnamMinchinbury Warriors Cricket Club000000006
981 Kumar, VarinderGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000200
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.