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2nd Grade
1st Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
1 Micsko, JimEmu Plains Cricket Club0013000000
2 Roser, MarkEmu Plains Cricket Club0012000000
3 Laffan, Matthew DPanthers Cricket Club0000010000
4 Dalton, RobertGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001100000
5 Junge, SeanGlenmore Park Cricket Club0001000000
6 D'Agostino, JackPanthers Cricket Club000001000
7 Hill, JosephSpringwood Cricket Club090000000
8 Raymond, Matthew MGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0000100000
9 Doran, GavinSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000040000
10 Sloane, JackWestern Gladiators Cricket Club0001000000
11 Sloane, DannyWestern Gladiators Cricket Club0001000000
12 Lappen, Jeremy PSt Clair United Sports Club000000700
13 Warbrick, AndrewSt Clair United Sports Club0000001400
14 Warbrick, MatthewSt Clair United Sports Club0000001100
15 Grindrod, JamesGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club001000000
16 Cusens, MatthewSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000000000
17 Sloane, DarrinWestern Gladiators Cricket Club000500000
18 Siriwardena, MangalaSt Clair United Sports Club000000600
19 Masters, BradCranebrook Cricket Club0000120000
20 de Kretser, HarrisSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0012003000
21 Marcozzi, ChristopherSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000011000
22 Pervushin, JeremyWestern Gladiators Cricket Club0001000000
23 Evennett, BradleySt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000007000
24 Bouche, NigelSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000001000
25 Hinkley, ChristopherEmu Plains Cricket Club000100009
26 Johnson, CameronGlenmore Park Cricket Club0100000000
27 McGovern, BenjaminPanthers Cricket Club0000012000
28 Donlan, RileySt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000011000
29 Dunn, JakeSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000009000
30 Naiker, DanePanthers Cricket Club080000000
31 Donlan, BrantSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000002000
32 Casey, JarrodSt Marys Leagues Cricket Club0000012000
33 Donlan, ZacharySt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000008000
34 Hunt, MatthewSpringwood Cricket Club019000000
35 Rogers, DouglasSpringwood Cricket Club031000000
36 Hameister, ZacharySt Marys Leagues Cricket Club000030000
37 Cross, JaceSpringwood Cricket Club013000000
38 Summerfield-Ryan, OliverSpringwood Cricket Club030000000
39 Krasny, DylanSpringwood Cricket Club009000000
40 Filmer, ScottSpringwood Cricket Club0100000000
41 Brett, RickyJamison Hotel Cricket Club000000070
42 Downward, CalebGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club2013000000
43 Morgan, TomGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0014000000
44 Coulshed, NicholasGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000000001
45 Mills, MarkSt Clair Hawks Cricket Club0001100000
46 Downward, ZacharyGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club0013000000
47 de Mattia, JamesGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club004010000
48 Jeffery, MarkGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club000005000
49 Jeffery, PhilipGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club1000012000
50 Martin, JasonGlenbrook Blaxland Cricket Club603000000
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Total Records: 982   Page: 1 of 20   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.